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This image shows the LEFT keyboard AIR with a colorful  star

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enjoy your new OLED TV with the revolutionary LEFT keyboard AIR
Left keyboard Air for TV - The best lapboard  - the best keyboard for Pc games on TV -  has the largest mouse pad in its category

With the largest and most comfortable MOUSE PAD 

The space for moving the mouse in PC games

and in applications

is important

and needs

be comfortable.

offers the

 most comfortable and

relaxing space

mouse pad.

left keyboard Air shop

LEFT keyboard AIR
we have 4 versions to meet your exact needs.

M1, M2, M3 and M2- compo


Choose which one is best for you:

The LEFT keyboard AIR M1 is our lightest, smallest, and most economical model.


It has a Gaming wired keyboard 


It is aimed at all those who want an alternative keyboard for

gaming - work that will be used at the desk, on the TV, or both.

The LEFT keyboard AIR M2 has a very reliable Gaming mechanical keyboard with Redragon technology

which has the maximum possible response speed to the keys.

It is wired

It is aimed at everyone who wants the maximum response to the keys and many programmable keys to store quick functions or commands.

It is ideal for PC Games and all other applications and programs

for the office or the TV or both.

The LEFT Keyboard AIR M2 Combo includes a wired LEFT Keyboard AIR M2, along with a high-quality mouse, headphones, and a mousepad. This package is offered at a significant discount, providing you with complete control over your PC both in the office and on your TV.



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