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UNIQUE mouse combine uniqueness, luxury and innovation.

Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, as it is crafted from natural wood and coated by hand, as well as with high-precision laser machines. The unique shades and textures that result from the handmade process cannot be replicated.

At the same time, it is combined with the best crystals in the world, Bohemian Preciosa crystals with a huge tradition of quality.

The result is the achievement of guaranteed uniqueness, luxury and brilliance.

Feel unique and stand out in the office and anywhere you use your Laptop.


ESCAPE models are a unique type of mouse that have been granted a patent by the Industrial Property Organization. These models function just like a traditional mouse on a desk, but they also have the added ability to be used on a laptop without requiring a separate surface to place the laptop on. This is made possible by the special mouse pad that comes with the ESCAPE models. So, you can work on your laptop comfortably from anywhere you want, without worrying about finding a flat surface to place your laptop on.


ESCAPE works efficiently and comfortably even when you have it resting on a sofa, a chair, or even on your bed. It's a different story when you leave the mouse somewhere next to you or on your leg, constantly requiring you to look for it.


However, it's much more efficient and practical to always have it next to you, exactly where you left it, just as you would on a desk.

It comes with a special velvet pouch - case for its safe transport in the laptop bag.

Beyond the luxury, the ESCAPE innovation can facilitate and give a practical productivity solution to the use of the Laptop in any environment and position especially when it is not used on a desk.


Escape is the mouse you really can
to work or play
wherever you are
and in fact with the same comfort
that the office offers you.


2 in 1

office mouse

works like the classic mouse on the desk



"Western gunbelt"

When you type, the mouse stays firmly next to your hand ready to use.​
The mousepad is large enough for comfortable work.



Electronic parts made in China

Designed and assembled in Greece


mouse - Escape - luxury butterfly wood and Crystal elements

SKU: EscapeB100B2
€450.00 Regular Price
€385.00Sale Price
    • Up to 10 m operating range
    • Speed select button 1000-2000 DPI
    • On/off power switch
    • For left and right hand use



    DPI1000, 2000

    Sensor technology mouse optical


    Number of buttons 5

    Scroll Wheel (Y/N)



    Battery life

    (6-month battery life)

    Battery type

    2AAA battery


    Wireless technology

    Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity


    USB receivel

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