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LEFT keyboard AIR M2


This alternative keyboard is aimed at demanding gamers as well as professionals who want:

1) immediate response to keys

2) programmable keys for quick shortcuts and commands

3) High-quality mechanical keyboard



The LEFT keyboard AIR  completes and perfects PC handling in the office and  on TV




The mini keyboard allows users to type like on their mobile.


User's hand protection

Because the Left keyboard Air is placed to the left of the normal keyboard, it allows the user to type for half the time on the normal keyboard and switch to the Left keyboard Air when tired, typing on it in a completely different way.




Now you can use the same PC controller on the desk and TV.

Unlike other TV keyboards that have a whole keyboard and are huge, the LEFT keyboard AIR has gotten rid of most of it, gaining a lot of space and weight.

Because when you have a keyboard that you will use on your feet, you DON'T WANT TO CARRY AN ENTIRE TABLE.


Perfect for PC games on the TV



It is equipped with two keyboards


Keyboard A )

Gaming Wired Mechanical Keyboard – Redragon

With programmable action and shortcut keys around your hand.





Assign single or multiple keystrokes to any macro key to save precious time in the middle of battle.

The crisp tactile click of OUTEMU Blue Switches allows you to master the rhythm of the battlefield and make you the MVP.

It stands out because it has an immediate response.

It has 7 programmable macro keys.

For Gaming and Applications



Illuminated RGB keys



It is ergonomic and has wrist support for long hours of use.


Keyboard B )

Mini Detachable Wireless Rechargeable Keyboard

With an illuminated RGB keyboard and Air Mouse.

It recognizes the movements you make in the air and the cursor obeys them. It has a backlight in 3 colors (blue - red - green).


1+1 gift.

In every LEFT keyboard AIR package, you always get a 1+1 free mini wireless keyboard.

So even if you want to do 24/7 non-stop typing you always have a charged and fighting mini keyboard.

LEFT Keyboard AIR – M2. Wired Gaming Mechanical keyboard and Mini Keyboard

€139.00 Regular Price
€109.00Sale Price
  • Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Redragon

    Type: Mechanical Keyboard Keypad

    Switches: Outemu Blue

    Standard keys: 42

    Programmable keys: 7

    100% Anti-ghosting keys

    Lighting: RGB

    Cable: 1.8 meters for the desk and additional total 5 meters for the TV

    Connection: USB

    (US English)


    Mini keyboard:

    4 in 1 multi-purpose: wireless keyboard + Air Mouse + Android controller + Somatic Handle.

    RF 2.4G wireless connection, up to 10m operation distance.

    RGB backlighting

    Compatible with Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS

    Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery.

    USB receiver, no driver required, plug and play.

    Ergonomic design, compact and light.

    Size: 15 * 4.5 * 1.4cm

    Weight: 65g