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  • What does "LEFT keyboard AIR" mean?
    The "LEFT keyboard AIR" is an innovative keyboard-lapboard that can be used both in the office and in front of the TV. It serves as a bridge between the PC and TV, making it an ideal tool for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds. It offers significant advantages to users when they use it in their offices, giving them new possibilities and unique flexibility in using the PC. Moreover, it is the most powerful keyboard-lapboard for connecting the PC to the TV, making it an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy their favorite PC games on a larger screen. On the desk, to the left of the standard keyboard, sits an ergonomically combined new keyboard that offers new possibilities.
  • What is the main benefit of this keyboard compared to other keyboards and lapboards designed for TV use?
    The LEFT keyboard AIR is smaller and more practical compared to large lapboards with a mouse pad for use with a TV. It is superior to other keyboards even if they are the same size because it does not have the "useless keys" meant for PC gaming. On the contrary, it has a much more comfortable mousepad with a larger surface area for mouse movement. It is a one-handed RGB mechanical gaming keyboard with 7 onboard macro keys, perfect for PC games and applications. The One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is designed with ergonomics in mind. It is positioned diagonally and parallel to the user's wrist, providing optimal comfort and reducing strain. Typing on this keyboard is also different from a standard keyboard, which can help the user relax. Overall, this keyboard offers greater ergonomic benefits compared to traditional keyboards.
  • Can I use it in addition to the TV and in my office?
    Of course. This keyboard-lapboard is specially designed to offer advantages to the user both when using it in the office and when using it on the sofa.
  • Why should I have a second keyboard in my office?
    Have you ever considered using a second keyboard? The Left Keyboard AIR can be placed to the left of your standard keyboard and provide you with new possibilities to operate your PC. Additionally, it offers a more ergonomic use of the PC, thereby helping you maintain good health in your hands and body. The keyboard also has programmable keys, making it ideal for PC games. Moreover, all the necessary keys for PC games and applications are placed within reach of your hand.
  • How does it feel to type on it?
    The LEFT keyboard AIR is comprised of two separate keyboards. To type a text message, you can use the mini keyboard, which works similarly to a mobile phone keyboard. On the other hand, the One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is specifically designed for PC gaming and features seven programmable macro keys to help you play more efficiently. Additionally, these macro keys can also be customized to suit your needs in other applications.
  • Why is it an ergonomic keyboard?
    The One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is placed parallel to the user's wrist. The "LEFT keyboard AIR" has great ergonomics and innovative design as it can be used in combination with a typical office keyboard. It functions alongside the standard keyboard as a second keyboard positioned to the left, offering an alternative way of typing. This allows the workload of typing to be divided into two distinct modes, making typing more comfortable and efficient. Typing for long hours can cause fatigue and strain on our muscles. However, this burden can be shared between two different muscle groups instead of only one carrying all the weight. As a result, the fatigue becomes half, reducing the strain that leads to modern computer-related diseases by half.
  • Why can it help protect my health?
    As we said above, the "LEFT keyboard AIR" is combined with the standard keyboard we have in the office. It works and runs parallel to it. So it is a second keyboard which is placed to the left of the standard keyboard and offers alternative typing with it. Thus, the burden of fatigue caused by long hours of typing is shared between two different muscle groups. Instead of carrying all this weight alone now it is shared with the other muscle group and therefore the fatigue is halved, so is the strain that leads to the well-known modern computer diseases.
  • Is it possible to use the same keyboard lapboard on both my desk and TV?
    This product is specifically designed to be used both in the office and on the sofa.
  • What makes the combination of the "LEFT keyboard AIR" and an OLED TV so perfect?
    If you want to control your PC while sitting on the sofa, "LEFT keyboard AIR" is the perfect solution. Today's best TV technology is OLED. However, connecting your PC to the TV can be a challenge because you don't have a good remote control for the sofa. The original design of the PC was intended for office use. Now, you can easily connect your PC to an OLED TV to experience the latest in display technology. Imagine being able to experience your favorite PC games in a whole new dimension, all while enjoying them comfortably from your sofa. And when it's time to get to work, your sofa can transform into an alternative, more comfortable workspace. With just one simple movement, you can easily switch from one space to another, changing your entire posture and body position for maximum comfort and productivity.
  • Is it true that it provides a large and comfortable mouse pad?
    Yes. It has a large mouse pad (29cm x 29cm)
  • What is the warranty for good operation?
    All our products are guaranteed for good quality and performance for one year and meet all safety specifications and quality protocols required. If, however, an item develops a problem due to hardware failure, you have the option of replacing it with the purchase receipt/invoice.
  • Can I return my order back?
    Of course... within 14 days from the day after the day on which you acquired physical possession of the goods. To exercise this right, you must notify us by post, fax or email. The returned goods must not have been used and must be in perfect condition exactly as they were before they were sold, in their complete original packaging and with all their contents (accessories, feature sheets, stickers, gifts, etc.). We will refund all monies received from you by deposit to the bank account you indicate to us, including, where applicable, delivery charges
  • What is the shipping time of the order?
    The processing and shipping time of your order to the shipping company is usually 2-5 working days if your order is completed before 12:00 am and if the website indicates that the products are in stock. Working days are considered to be weekdays (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). However, you will be sent an informative email clarifying the exact delivery time.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Of course. To cancel your order after it has been completed, contact us by phone or email quoting your order number.
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